About Us

What Makes Us Unique

Our Philosophy

Our focus is placed on the customer. We put ourselves on the other side of the table and evaluate how to create a culinary experience that will make an impression and match your vision. While infusing all of our menus, preparation and execution with love, we cultivate a customer experience that is as unique as our flavors.
Our goal is to delivers a level of joy and trust throughout the process that makes you feel well taken care of. We want you to enjoy everything from first contact to the mouth watering memories we provide for our clients.
We aim to provide culinary experiences that are elevated to new heights.

The Past

Diana Rodriguez was born in Panama in 1981. She had a love for food at a young age, her mother and grandmother were both chefs and some of her earliest memories include her learning how to cook from her grandmother. Even though both her mother and grandmother were chefs, she experienced some resistance when she expressed that she dreamed to be a chef. Her family continued to push for her to finish school and go to college to pursue a career that did not involve hospitality. Diana continued her schooling, graduated high school and started college. After a short time in college, Diana realized her desire to become a chef was calling her, about the same time her mom moved to the United States and Diana saw an opportunity to pursue her dream of becoming a great chef. Diana's mother secured a job as a head chef. Her mom's career allowed Diana to work in a restaurant, where she started as a dishwasher. As luck has it one day the pantry chef did not show for work and Diana stepped in and the owner was very impressed. This was the beginning of Chef Diana's life dream.

Diana enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu School of Culinary Arts. She excelled in all the practical application, but her English was limited. As a person that never gives up, she spent long hours teaching herself English while being a wife and mother of three small children. Using this as energy she spent long hours day and night studying culinary and English to have her dreams come true. In 2007 Diana graduated from Le Cordon Bleu School of Culinary Arts.

Diana decided to change from restaurants to catering and landed a job with Bauer Catering Group. She was a bit hesitant about the move but quickly realized that she could express herself more as a Sous-Chef in Catering than as an Executive Chef of a restaurant. Her ability to go from designing single plates to creating station designs to go with the theme of the party had clients and peers raving about her work. Her confidence level grew, and she started creating out of the box Hors d' Oeuvres and knew that she had found her calling. Bauer Catering Group was her stepping stone and she worked for them until 2013, at this time she decided to take the next step and become the executive chef for Tastebuds Catering. Accepting this position, she realized her talents were going to soar. Not only was she able to showcase her culinary skills, but now she could put her management skills into play. Her abilities to purchase effectively, hire talented staff and design a complete parties’ culinary experiences was proving to be successful. The company was taken to a new level. The long hours were taking a toll on Diana's family. She knew it was time to find a new avenue to continue her career and have a family life balance.

The Present

In 2018 with the support of her family, Diana decided to take the leap of faith and start anew. At this time, she felt it was the perfect moment to start her own company, Palate Cuisine. Her company vision from the beginning has been very clear. To provide culinary experiences that are elevated to new heights. Each menu is created for that particular client. Her secret to success is love. This secret has had her company take off and with each new client, Diana knows this road is all about living her dream.

The Team

Chef Diana Rodriguez

Executive Chef / Owner

Chris Gebaide

Operations / Owner